Day of Revolution

Last night, last night was incredible. For the first time in months Callie slept with a smile on her face. She had been able to actually dream instead of the dark hole that had been her sleep since George had left her. She had been in the same position that Erica had left her in when Cristina came home. She had just looked at Callie then noticed the two glasses of wine still sitting on the table. Her hypothesis on the giddiness of her room mate that she had had a hot date with some guy instead of her girl talks with Erica. Callie just smiled and let her think what she wanted. Yes she had had a hot date but Cristina's assumptions had been wrong.

That morning Callie couldn't wait to get to work and see her. She knew their relationship would have to hide while at work but just being around her, seeing her smile her eyes and her smell, was enough to get Callie through the day. All morning long, after checking on her own patients of course, Callie had sat in the gallery watching Erica's surgeries. She watched as her hands, those hands that could set Callie's skin on fire, worked intricately. Every once in a while she'd catch Erica glance up from her work and Callie's heart would melt at the site of those blue eyes. Lunch, was too far away for her comfort and that all depended on what complications Erica ran into during the surgery. She hadn't yet caught Erica's eyes looking at her yet but she knew the moment she did, Callie would be done for.
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Run Run Rudolph

It just became a number, eleven christmas days, eleven thanksgiving dinners, eleven birthdays and valentines days as well as countless pre and post marital anniversaries, but now this was the first, this was the first christmas alone. Before Derek, back in the early days of her medical school student life, christmas was spent with Naomi, hiding out in their dorm room avoiding any correspondance with their overbearing parents. They ate cranberry sauce from the can and drank what came under the pretence of mulled wine, although it was infact just plain red wine and as many chocolate angels as they could stomach without bringing it back up, while crying through 'It's a wonderful life'.

She now realised that this was not such a wonderful life, at least not anymore. No husband, no best friend, no nothing. Scrooge, that should have been her name, Addison Forbes Montgomery Scrooge NOT Shepherd. Here she was, she thought to herself, the best she was getting out of this season was wrapping a few fairy lights around her desk lamp in her office and putting up a few cards, none of them of any personal meaning to her, just the usual 'From the hospital governers' kind you recieve when your'e high up in the ranks.

"I hate christmas" She whispered to herself drawing swirls onto her seattle grace notepad dayplanner. Just as she was about to close her eyes and disapear into the memories that were Nim and Addie christmas's one Christina Yang happened to burst through the door. A large breath of frustrated air escaped the redhead's lips.

"Can i help you Yang?" She said raising one perfectly shaped eyebrow and a sarcastic faced Christina who displayed a santa hat lying at a jaunty angle on raven coloured hair.

"Uh, Secret Santa thing, Chief,'yeah" Christina muttered to which Addie interpreted and delved her hand into a bucket full of folded paper and withdrawing a pale elegant hand. 'Isobel Stevens' her paper read, she tilted her head and sighed with slight relief not only for the fact she hadn't been dealt Meredith, Derek or Sloan but also because Isobel was christmas entirely.

"Whats the theme?" The attending blurted as the newly appointed resident turned to leave.

"Essence, you have to buy a gift that captures the essence of that person".

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cause your just what I need| addie

It had been a long day for Izzie, she was drained, both mentally and physically. Her mind was all over the place, they'd kissed, herself and Addison had kissed and yet she'd just run off like that, she knew she had to get to the hospital but she needed to know what it was they were now. You didn't kiss friends, she thought that was pretty obvious alright. Izzie was confused, she'd never felt so confused in her life, really, she hadn't. One thing was for certain, Izzie needed answers and she needed them as promptly as possible because there was a lot she needed to know and a lot she had to decide on. She couldn't do that, however until she knew how Addison felt about the situation in hand.

As soon as Izzie got on shift the following day she was ever so weary, where was Addison? And what was she doing exactly, or better, what was she thinking about? Had she thought about the kiss since it had happened? Was it on her mind? God Izzie had so many questons and they were just over spilling, she couldn't concentrate at all which was obvious when she found herself stood in the middle of a hall way, completely out of it whilst Bailey stood infront of her, clearing her throat to try and get her attention. Izzie blushed as she finally came out of her reviere, had she seriously just been standing there staring into space? "Stevens." Izzie heard the chief resident cough as she looked up at her, yes, Izzie was rather tall, it was always a well known fact.

Izzie choked back a laugh, how could she get herself out of this right now? She certainly wasn't going to tell her what she'd really been day dreaming about. How could she tell her that she was thinking about the female attending and her sweet lips? “I’m sorry Dr. Bailey, I’ll just be going now, it’s the end of my shift.” Izzie was thankful it was because then she didn’t have to answer any of Bailey’s questions. Izzie quickly scuttled away before the chief resident could speak again. She got changed in the locker room and once she was done she left the hospital, only to find herself heading in the direction of the archfield hotel, where Addison was currently staying.

Once in the hotel lobby Izzie asked for the room number of Addison Montgomery and then made her way up in the elevator to the relivant floor. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, was she seriously thinking about just turning up? She had to be crazy right now. Soon enough Izzie was stood infront of the door. She edged towards it, her hand held out in a fist ready to knock on the door but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She couldn’t just knock on the door, she had no idea what she was going to say. Before any kind of rational thought entered her mind Izzie had knocked on the door, beginning to panic she turned, about to rush her way down the hall when the door opened.

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picking up the chance

Remy walked into Joes, today had been more than stressful and all she needed was a drink of something strong. She was sick of Mark Sloan hitting on any single female in the hospital. Okay, ignore the single part because he would hit on anyone if they were single or not and it was even worse being part of the plastics team and having to work with him a lot of the time. She could deal with him, she learnt how to deal with people, she had to put up with people who didn't know what they were doing. They would pull her down onto the bed because they were so messed up that they thought she was their wife or something. Which was why she went onto plastics because she never had to deal with things like that. She hated that people thought that plastics was to do with boobs jobs, it saves peoples lives and made them feel better about themselves. People had problems and they came to people like her to help them out, make them smile and saves lives because it was important, you had to be on top of your game and know everything because new things were coming up all the time.

Sitting down at one of the stools, just in a pair of dark blue jeans, with a brace and white top under it, her trench coat over because like normal it was raining. She hated the rain but she was some what happy, not happy that the hospital had once been one in teaching which had slipped down to some number below ten. A part of her didn't care but the fact that everyone's job was on the line did make her care. She wanted to keep her job, she wanted to keep it to be happy and have a job because she didn't have enough money, she was just managing to make enough to pay rent and her bills, she needed to stop going out and drinking every night after work but it was better than going to an empty apartment and she might pick someone up.

Ordering herself a sex on the beach, giving this guy that eyed her up a glare because she didn't want sex on the beach with him. He was obviously married and she wasn't going their. Taking a sip of her drink as she looked around the bar, trying to find someone that might just keep her interested for a few hours.
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First Dates

Callie was nervous. She was more nervous than she had ever been in her entire life. She was normally a calm and collected person when it came to dating, except tonight. Everything was different with Erica. Erica knew her better than anyone in the hospital. She had gotten to know Erica, long before ever thinking about dating her. They were friends, best freinds to be exact. She was afraid that if tonight didn't go well that she would lose her friend.

Callie looked at the pile of clothes that was sprayed across her brand new bedroom. She and Cristina had split a deposit on the apartment. Callie loved it. She loved the fireplaces in the rooms.  She placed her hands on her hips, her hair and make-up perfect but the thing missing was her dress. She couldn't decide o what to wear. She stood clad in her black bra and matching lacy boy shorts, staring at the last few dresses on her bed. "Why is this so freaking hard? It's just a date. Just a date, Callie. You've done this before." she muttered to herself.

She sighed, sitting down on her bed, placing her head in her hands. "only it's with the most wonderful person in the freaking world!" she said and threw herself agaisnt the bed. Her arms flew above her head, staring at the ceiling. She sat back up and looked at the three dresses remaining. One was a read, spaghetti strapped dress that ended above hr knee. She picked it up and tossed it with the others. It looked too much like a fuck me now dress. She picked up the second. It was blue and not her size any longer. It too joined the others. The last was a black dress that when on hugged her curves just right. The capped sleeves showed off the muscles she had, but they weren't overbearing.

She slipped the dress over her head and then examined herself in the mirror on her wardrobe. Perfect. She grabbed teh strappy heels and sat down to put them on.
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Being insecure | Callie


Things were not going Erica Hahn’s way. Not only had she been scolded for being a bad teacher but Yang had heard every word of it. She didn’t want to admit it but her pride had taken a big hit. Erica was proud of what she did, of being the best. She knew people respected her for her abilities and professionalism. Now all of that would lessen because Yang had a hard time accepting her teaching methods. But that wasn’t the only reason things weren’t going her way. No, that night had had one more surprise for the cardiothoracic surgeon.

Erica wanted to get away from Seattle Grace Hospital as fast as possible but she couldn’t find her keys. She was rummaging through her purse when she heard a familiar voice. The words spoken hadn’t registered until Callie said her name. “What?” Erica asked. She looked expectantly at the raven haired beauty. Erica noticed the otherwise confident woman was looking extremely nervous. She saw Callie struggling to find her words before the other doctor looked down at her lips and kissed her.

Callie had kissed her … and Erica had kissed back. That kiss had changed everything. She didn’t know what to do. For the past few days both women had been avoiding each other and Erica was going crazy. She missed her best friend. She didn’t know what Callie had been thinking when she initiated the kiss. Was it curiosity? Was it payback for her little elevator stunt? Were they still friend? Erica’s head had been swimming with all these questions. After another hard day at Seattle Grace Hospital, Erica found herself on the stairs leading up to the hospital roof. Callie had told her the roof was one of her favorite places to clear her head and that was exactly what Erica needed. She pushed open the heavy door to the roof only to see the other woman stare out at the city.


Erica looked at the other woman not sure what to do next. Should she leave Callie alone? Should she go over and talk to her? Had Callie even noticed her? While she was asking herself all these questions she couldn’t help but notice the other doctor’s posture. Callie was hugging herself tightly, sighing from time to time while she stared out at the city.

“She looks so lost.” Erica thought. She wanted to walk over and hug her best friend. She wanted to tell Callie everything would work out. They would go to Joe’s, have a few drinks, play a game of darts and everything would be fine. They could just forget the entire thing had ever happened. But everything wasn’t fine and Erica couldn’t forget. That kiss had changed everything and the blonde surgeon didn’t know how to fix it. She heard Callie sigh again and felt like she was intruding.

Erica took a step backwards, her eyes never leaving the woman in front of her. She wasn't looking where she was going and hit the open door with her elbow. "God dammit!" she yelled as she rubbed her elbow with her other hand, "A double valve replacement is no problem but walking through a door  is a challenge!" All of a sudden she remembered she wasn't alone. Erica stared at the ground, afraid to look in Callie's direction. There was no way the brunette hadn't heard her.

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don't wanna communicate| addie.

Izzie felt rough, she had a cold and was trying her best to get over it but everything seemed to be knocking her back. She had been off for a couple of days with it but today was determined to come into work, she was still coughing slightly and sneezing a lot but she wanted to work, she couldn't stand being in bed any longer. Izzie had to get out of the house, she was going crazy in there by herself, she just had to get out. She had no idea what she would be doing today, she hoped she wouldn't be put on sutures in the pit but at the same time she knew she'd prefer that than being home alone in bed or doing anything she could find to do which was now nothing. She had done all of her washing and ironing, she had tied the kitchen as well as every other room in the house. She had also made half a dozen batches of muffins, cookies and cup cakes which meant she was sending about 5 with George, Alex and Meredith everyday because she never wanted them to go to waste.

As soon as she got to the hospital Izzie made her way to the residents locker room. She opened up her cubby and took out a clean pair of scrubs. She began to get changed into them, she really didn't care about hiding her body anymore because everyone had seen it anyway, but as well as that she was a tad late so the locker room was pretty empty. Once she was done putting on her scrubs she put on her white lab coat and placed everything she needed in her pockets including her cell phone, she clipped her pager to her scrub pants and then made her way out of the room. She saw Callie and Bailey and was waiting to get told where she was off to today. When she was told that herself and her interns were being assigned to Addison's service she was not pleased at all. She really wasn't in the mood to be working with Addison today because since that situation with the quins she still hadn't forgiven her. She couldn't understand how she had done that to her so talking to her about it was not something she wanted to do.

With her arms crossed across her chest Izzie made her way up to Addison's floor in the elevator, she stepped out, looking around as she didn't know where Addison was. She made her way over to the nurses station, her facial expressions showing that she was not to be messed with today. "Dr. Montgomery around?" Izzie asked the nurse who simply frowned at her. "Don't look at me like that." Izzie said scowling at her, she really did not want to be messed with today. Izzie looked up as she heard the click clack of Addison's heels against the marble floor. "Dr. Montgomery." She said as if she was stating a fact, not welcoming or saying 'hi' at all. Izzie's eyes narrowed, her bottom lip caught between her teeth and her eyes caught Addison's, she couldn't be seriously thinking she was going to be willing to work with her today.


So as we have the auditions for the main characters up I thought that we could now start the applications for the other characters going...just incase you need reminding the characters left to apply for are the following:

Derek Shepherd
Meredith Grey
Cristina Yang
George O'Malley
Alex Karev
Mark Sloan
Miranda Bailey
Lexie Grey
Richard Webber

And of course we are always welcoming original characters. Unlike the other (more key) characters you do not have to do auditions against other people for these characters, for these characters it's first come first serve as long as we like your roleplay sample. So here we go, to apply for one of those characters all you have to do is fill out the following form:

Your Name:
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Do you have Role Play experience (if so how much):
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After reading your application we will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if you've been successful ;)

Thanks for applying.



Erica Audition

Okay, so this i how it is going to go, I see that there is more than one person that would like to be Erica so for that reason I shall be holding auditions here. Basicly I will write a Callie post and you (if you want to be Erica) will reply as if you are Erica and I will get a feel for how you play Erica and see if our roleplaying skills are compatible...if that makes any sense ;o

Anyway all you have to do is post a reply to this thread ;) Here's my post for you:

Callie sighed, her raven hair blowing in the Seattle breeze and she stood on the hospital roof, staring out at the city. It had always been a favorite veiw of hers. She would come up here to clear her head or to just get away. Her arms were folded tightly across her abdomen, trying to keep warm. Seeing as that wasn't helping she pulled her undershirt down to her wrists and repeated the previous gesture.  She could have gone back in but right now she needed this time alone, to think. Mainly to ponder over what had happened with her best friend.  Callie could remember every detail of that night.

Callie had saw her standing over her purse, the moment she had stepped out of the hospital with mark. To aviod the feelings she had she turned to Mark, asking him if he wanted to continue their rendevous in an on-call room. To her surprise he had other intentions. He pushed her in the direction he knew she needed to go. She cursed him as she took a deep breath and moved toward the blonde cardio god. She would always be the cardio god in Callie's eyes. Erica had been mumbling about her keys and Cristina Yang and Callie knew she hadn't heard a word she had said to her. She finally got her attention by sternly saying her name. When she looked at her , Callie lost everything she had prepared and the only thing that amttered in that moment was kissing those soft lips again.

"Get a grip, Calliope!" she muttered to herself. She sighed heavily, rubbinf her hands over her face in frustration. What had she done? Had she completely ruined one of the best friendships she had ever had? She and Erica had been avioding each other since that moment. All Callie wanted to do was talk to her best friend.

Addison Audition

Okay, so this i how it is going to go, I see that there is more than one person that would like to be Addison so for that reason I shall be holding auditions here. Basicly I will write an Izzie post and you (if you want to be Addison) will reply as if you are Addison and I will get a feel for how you play Addison and see if our roleplaying skills are compatible...if that makes any sense ;o

Anyway all you have to do is post a reply to this thread ;) Here's my post for you:

It had been a long day at work for Izzie but she was finally finished and couldnt be happier. She had already planned to go to Joe's after work because it had just been a hectic day and she just needed to sit back, relax and get some good old alcohol in her system. She didnt particularly mind that she wasnt going with anyone because she was hoping to drink a little too much and use that excuse to flirt with whoever wanted to listen really. She wasnt in a bad mood, she just wanted abit of fun and she knew she would have that at Joe's.

Izzie made her way to Joe's not caring that Meredith and the others werent going to Joe's after work tonight because they had a love life and she didnt really. Izzie didnt need love right now she just wanted a laugh and abit of attention, as did every other highly attractive woman. Izzie knew from previous experiences that she never lacked getting attention when she was at Joe's. Even the mugs and idiots tried it on with her and half of the time she couldnt stop herself from going home with them anyway because of how much she had drunk that night.

Izzie pushed open the door to Joe's. Seeing as she knew she was going to Joe's tonight she had planned on what she was going to wear. She had on a knee length black flared skirt, a very low cut white skinny top and her favourite pair of jimmy choo's. She didnt care that she would probably be kicking all of them clothes off in a couple of hours, she just wanted to make sure she looked her best. Izzie walked up to the bar as she looked around, seeing a couple of familiar faces around but noone she thought of sitting with straight away. Izzie sat up one end of the bar smiling at Joe. "A martini please Joe." Izzie said with a cheeky grin as she swung her head to the side letting her gorgeous blonde hair fall to her shoulders.

Now all you have to do is post ;) all posts are screened so no seeing each other's ;) I will then decide who I think has the most promise and contact you ;)


Saz xxx