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So as we have the auditions for the main characters up I thought that we could now start the applications for the other characters going...just incase you need reminding the characters left to apply for are the following:

Derek Shepherd
Meredith Grey
Cristina Yang
George O'Malley
Alex Karev
Mark Sloan
Miranda Bailey
Lexie Grey
Richard Webber

And of course we are always welcoming original characters. Unlike the other (more key) characters you do not have to do auditions against other people for these characters, for these characters it's first come first serve as long as we like your roleplay sample. So here we go, to apply for one of those characters all you have to do is fill out the following form:

Your Name:
Your Age:
Your Location:
Character you wish to be:
Do you have Role Play experience (if so how much):
Would you be active in this community:
Role play sample: (Here we need a third person roleplay sample of you in character, about 3/4 paragraphs of about 4/5 sentences each please.)

After reading your application we will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if you've been successful ;)

Thanks for applying.



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