December 7th, 2008

Day of Revolution

Last night, last night was incredible. For the first time in months Callie slept with a smile on her face. She had been able to actually dream instead of the dark hole that had been her sleep since George had left her. She had been in the same position that Erica had left her in when Cristina came home. She had just looked at Callie then noticed the two glasses of wine still sitting on the table. Her hypothesis on the giddiness of her room mate that she had had a hot date with some guy instead of her girl talks with Erica. Callie just smiled and let her think what she wanted. Yes she had had a hot date but Cristina's assumptions had been wrong.

That morning Callie couldn't wait to get to work and see her. She knew their relationship would have to hide while at work but just being around her, seeing her smile her eyes and her smell, was enough to get Callie through the day. All morning long, after checking on her own patients of course, Callie had sat in the gallery watching Erica's surgeries. She watched as her hands, those hands that could set Callie's skin on fire, worked intricately. Every once in a while she'd catch Erica glance up from her work and Callie's heart would melt at the site of those blue eyes. Lunch, was too far away for her comfort and that all depended on what complications Erica ran into during the surgery. She hadn't yet caught Erica's eyes looking at her yet but she knew the moment she did, Callie would be done for.
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