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Remy walked into Joes, today had been more than stressful and all she needed was a drink of something strong. She was sick of Mark Sloan hitting on any single female in the hospital. Okay, ignore the single part because he would hit on anyone if they were single or not and it was even worse being part of the plastics team and having to work with him a lot of the time. She could deal with him, she learnt how to deal with people, she had to put up with people who didn't know what they were doing. They would pull her down onto the bed because they were so messed up that they thought she was their wife or something. Which was why she went onto plastics because she never had to deal with things like that. She hated that people thought that plastics was to do with boobs jobs, it saves peoples lives and made them feel better about themselves. People had problems and they came to people like her to help them out, make them smile and saves lives because it was important, you had to be on top of your game and know everything because new things were coming up all the time.

Sitting down at one of the stools, just in a pair of dark blue jeans, with a brace and white top under it, her trench coat over because like normal it was raining. She hated the rain but she was some what happy, not happy that the hospital had once been one in teaching which had slipped down to some number below ten. A part of her didn't care but the fact that everyone's job was on the line did make her care. She wanted to keep her job, she wanted to keep it to be happy and have a job because she didn't have enough money, she was just managing to make enough to pay rent and her bills, she needed to stop going out and drinking every night after work but it was better than going to an empty apartment and she might pick someone up.

Ordering herself a sex on the beach, giving this guy that eyed her up a glare because she didn't want sex on the beach with him. He was obviously married and she wasn't going their. Taking a sip of her drink as she looked around the bar, trying to find someone that might just keep her interested for a few hours.

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