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It had been a long day for Izzie, she was drained, both mentally and physically. Her mind was all over the place, they'd kissed, herself and Addison had kissed and yet she'd just run off like that, she knew she had to get to the hospital but she needed to know what it was they were now. You didn't kiss friends, she thought that was pretty obvious alright. Izzie was confused, she'd never felt so confused in her life, really, she hadn't. One thing was for certain, Izzie needed answers and she needed them as promptly as possible because there was a lot she needed to know and a lot she had to decide on. She couldn't do that, however until she knew how Addison felt about the situation in hand.

As soon as Izzie got on shift the following day she was ever so weary, where was Addison? And what was she doing exactly, or better, what was she thinking about? Had she thought about the kiss since it had happened? Was it on her mind? God Izzie had so many questons and they were just over spilling, she couldn't concentrate at all which was obvious when she found herself stood in the middle of a hall way, completely out of it whilst Bailey stood infront of her, clearing her throat to try and get her attention. Izzie blushed as she finally came out of her reviere, had she seriously just been standing there staring into space? "Stevens." Izzie heard the chief resident cough as she looked up at her, yes, Izzie was rather tall, it was always a well known fact.

Izzie choked back a laugh, how could she get herself out of this right now? She certainly wasn't going to tell her what she'd really been day dreaming about. How could she tell her that she was thinking about the female attending and her sweet lips? “I’m sorry Dr. Bailey, I’ll just be going now, it’s the end of my shift.” Izzie was thankful it was because then she didn’t have to answer any of Bailey’s questions. Izzie quickly scuttled away before the chief resident could speak again. She got changed in the locker room and once she was done she left the hospital, only to find herself heading in the direction of the archfield hotel, where Addison was currently staying.

Once in the hotel lobby Izzie asked for the room number of Addison Montgomery and then made her way up in the elevator to the relivant floor. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, was she seriously thinking about just turning up? She had to be crazy right now. Soon enough Izzie was stood infront of the door. She edged towards it, her hand held out in a fist ready to knock on the door but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She couldn’t just knock on the door, she had no idea what she was going to say. Before any kind of rational thought entered her mind Izzie had knocked on the door, beginning to panic she turned, about to rush her way down the hall when the door opened.


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