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Run Run Rudolph

It just became a number, eleven christmas days, eleven thanksgiving dinners, eleven birthdays and valentines days as well as countless pre and post marital anniversaries, but now this was the first, this was the first christmas alone. Before Derek, back in the early days of her medical school student life, christmas was spent with Naomi, hiding out in their dorm room avoiding any correspondance with their overbearing parents. They ate cranberry sauce from the can and drank what came under the pretence of mulled wine, although it was infact just plain red wine and as many chocolate angels as they could stomach without bringing it back up, while crying through 'It's a wonderful life'.

She now realised that this was not such a wonderful life, at least not anymore. No husband, no best friend, no nothing. Scrooge, that should have been her name, Addison Forbes Montgomery Scrooge NOT Shepherd. Here she was, she thought to herself, the best she was getting out of this season was wrapping a few fairy lights around her desk lamp in her office and putting up a few cards, none of them of any personal meaning to her, just the usual 'From the hospital governers' kind you recieve when your'e high up in the ranks.

"I hate christmas" She whispered to herself drawing swirls onto her seattle grace notepad dayplanner. Just as she was about to close her eyes and disapear into the memories that were Nim and Addie christmas's one Christina Yang happened to burst through the door. A large breath of frustrated air escaped the redhead's lips.

"Can i help you Yang?" She said raising one perfectly shaped eyebrow and a sarcastic faced Christina who displayed a santa hat lying at a jaunty angle on raven coloured hair.

"Uh, Secret Santa thing, Chief, compulsary...ch'yeah" Christina muttered to which Addie interpreted and delved her hand into a bucket full of folded paper and withdrawing a pale elegant hand. 'Isobel Stevens' her paper read, she tilted her head and sighed with slight relief not only for the fact she hadn't been dealt Meredith, Derek or Sloan but also because Isobel was christmas entirely.

"Whats the theme?" The attending blurted as the newly appointed resident turned to leave.

"Essence, you have to buy a gift that captures the essence of that person".


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