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Addison Audition

Okay, so this i how it is going to go, I see that there is more than one person that would like to be Addison so for that reason I shall be holding auditions here. Basicly I will write an Izzie post and you (if you want to be Addison) will reply as if you are Addison and I will get a feel for how you play Addison and see if our roleplaying skills are compatible...if that makes any sense ;o

Anyway all you have to do is post a reply to this thread ;) Here's my post for you:

It had been a long day at work for Izzie but she was finally finished and couldnt be happier. She had already planned to go to Joe's after work because it had just been a hectic day and she just needed to sit back, relax and get some good old alcohol in her system. She didnt particularly mind that she wasnt going with anyone because she was hoping to drink a little too much and use that excuse to flirt with whoever wanted to listen really. She wasnt in a bad mood, she just wanted abit of fun and she knew she would have that at Joe's.

Izzie made her way to Joe's not caring that Meredith and the others werent going to Joe's after work tonight because they had a love life and she didnt really. Izzie didnt need love right now she just wanted a laugh and abit of attention, as did every other highly attractive woman. Izzie knew from previous experiences that she never lacked getting attention when she was at Joe's. Even the mugs and idiots tried it on with her and half of the time she couldnt stop herself from going home with them anyway because of how much she had drunk that night.

Izzie pushed open the door to Joe's. Seeing as she knew she was going to Joe's tonight she had planned on what she was going to wear. She had on a knee length black flared skirt, a very low cut white skinny top and her favourite pair of jimmy choo's. She didnt care that she would probably be kicking all of them clothes off in a couple of hours, she just wanted to make sure she looked her best. Izzie walked up to the bar as she looked around, seeing a couple of familiar faces around but noone she thought of sitting with straight away. Izzie sat up one end of the bar smiling at Joe. "A martini please Joe." Izzie said with a cheeky grin as she swung her head to the side letting her gorgeous blonde hair fall to her shoulders.

Now all you have to do is post ;) all posts are screened so no seeing each other's ;) I will then decide who I think has the most promise and contact you ;)


Saz xxx

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