Callie Torres (calliopetorres) wrote in greys_heart,
Callie Torres

Erica Audition

Okay, so this i how it is going to go, I see that there is more than one person that would like to be Erica so for that reason I shall be holding auditions here. Basicly I will write a Callie post and you (if you want to be Erica) will reply as if you are Erica and I will get a feel for how you play Erica and see if our roleplaying skills are compatible...if that makes any sense ;o

Anyway all you have to do is post a reply to this thread ;) Here's my post for you:

Callie sighed, her raven hair blowing in the Seattle breeze and she stood on the hospital roof, staring out at the city. It had always been a favorite veiw of hers. She would come up here to clear her head or to just get away. Her arms were folded tightly across her abdomen, trying to keep warm. Seeing as that wasn't helping she pulled her undershirt down to her wrists and repeated the previous gesture.  She could have gone back in but right now she needed this time alone, to think. Mainly to ponder over what had happened with her best friend.  Callie could remember every detail of that night.

Callie had saw her standing over her purse, the moment she had stepped out of the hospital with mark. To aviod the feelings she had she turned to Mark, asking him if he wanted to continue their rendevous in an on-call room. To her surprise he had other intentions. He pushed her in the direction he knew she needed to go. She cursed him as she took a deep breath and moved toward the blonde cardio god. She would always be the cardio god in Callie's eyes. Erica had been mumbling about her keys and Cristina Yang and Callie knew she hadn't heard a word she had said to her. She finally got her attention by sternly saying her name. When she looked at her , Callie lost everything she had prepared and the only thing that amttered in that moment was kissing those soft lips again.

"Get a grip, Calliope!" she muttered to herself. She sighed heavily, rubbinf her hands over her face in frustration. What had she done? Had she completely ruined one of the best friendships she had ever had? She and Erica had been avioding each other since that moment. All Callie wanted to do was talk to her best friend.

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