Welcome to 'The Heart of the Matter' a grey's anatomy slash roleplay.
As you have may noticed this livejournal roleplaying community is mainly based on an AU (Alternate Universe) plot as quite obviously Addison isn't at Seattle Grace anymore and she isn't with Izzie either. Whilst this community is based on slash we are also interested in having the other grey's anatomy characters (which aren't taken) being with whatever partners you wish them to. The main idea for this roleplay was for you to have your say and be able to do what you wish with your own characters.

Before we can get started we need to assign the characters. Now I realise that there is a lot of popularity for certain characters and that everyone should have a fair chance to be these characters, therefore I am setting up auditions for the characters so that I can get a feel for everyones capabilities. This isn't a beginners roleplay, this is slightly advanced which means we do not want one liners, each reply has to be a decent length please, I'll get a feel for this from your auditions.

Okay, so on to the auditions, here is a list of all of the grey's anatomy characters that we would like to see on the community. One's crossed out are taken, those in italics are reserved.

Izzie Stevens
Addison Forbes Montgomery
Callie Torres
Erica Hahn
Derek Shepherd
Meredith Grey
Cristina Yang
George O'Malley
Alex Karev
Mark Sloan
Miranda Bailey
Lexie Grey
Richard Webber

Original character's are welcome once we have a few of the canon characters taken, if you want to make an original character and need some help or guidance just send me a message and I'd be happy to help you.

First of all I need to get an idea for how many people are interested in any one character, for this you need to fill out the following form and reply to this entry:

Your Name:
Your Age:
Your Location:
Character you wish to be:
Do you have Role Play experience (if so how much):
Would you be active in this community:

I will then create the auditions where you will need to post so I can get a feel for your roleplaying, how this will work is I will create a post from Izzie's point of view and get you to reply which ever way you see fit, I will then compare your replies and decide who I want to play each character. This will work for Addison but obviously not for Callie and Erica so depending on how much interest I get for those characters I may or may not need to do an audition.

Please fill out the form and post it here and check back soon as there will be regular updates, thank you.

(Plays Izzie Stevens)

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